14 inch by 14 inch oil on wood painting of Gil Scott Heron with a yellow halo and a faded American Flag background
Gil Scott-Heron painting sitting on gravel propped up against a spackled  wall with holes in it

Just How Blind, America? GSH, Oil on wood 14" x 14"

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"The world's on the edge of it's seat,
Defeat on the horizon,
Very surprising, that we all could see the plot and claimed that we could not.
Just How Blind, America?"
- H2Ogate, Gil Scott-Heron
A poet, a "bluesologist", and a story-teller jazz musician, Gil Scott-Heron's songs from the 70s and 80s tell the same stories about the US government and black america that still ring true today.
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Me And The Devil, NY is Killing Me, B-Movie (my favorite right now), Whitey On The Moon.
I used to skip past a lot of Gil (and Nina's) political songs. They were for another era - not as relevant now. Well, it turns out they've been relevant all along - Winter in America, H2Ogate, Washington DC, and so many more songs and poems from "The Godfather of Rap".
I painted the American flag in the background of this portrait based off of his 1971 album Pieces of A Man, because he was entirely immersed in the processes and people involved in running this country in his poetry and his music. In one interview Scott-Heron mentioned “I think that the Black Americans are the only real die-hard Americans here... because we’re the only ones who’ve carried the process through the process…. We’re the ones who marched… we’re the ones who tried to go through the courts. Being born American didn’t seem to matter.” In the documentary  Black Wax on Amazon Prime, he walks through a wax museum of America's leaders, and through the streets of DC near the capitol with his boombox, telling stories of corruption and suppression in the white house that sound like he's talking about now. Feels to me like he deserved to be specifically portrayed as an American.

Just How Blind, America?
Gil Scott-Heron from his 1971 Pieces of a Man album
oil on wood panel