About me, Laura Lippay.

Sketch of me imagining little chirpy birds as 20 feet tall in the Marin Headlands  
My art welcomes the overactive imagination; the invitation to glimpse our surroundings with exaggerated color and curiosity, and to see the world through the eyes of someone who can't get enough of it. New to the game, my art is just starting to tell stories only an ex-circus performer, turned Silicon Valley techie, sampling dwellings in nudie camps and trailer parks and traveling the country and the world for 30 years in search of weird experiences could tell.
Curious, by both definitions.


Sketch of a one-winged, one-legged dragon breathing la-la-la's  
I interpret the world around me with mysticism, fascination and as if just a little bit of that acid trip never really ended. Friends have called me "all the colors in a crayola box" and "beautifully macabre", and my art "colorful" and "eclectic". Much of my creative side is fueled by running around in the woods in the rain and seeking deathly stories in the desert, being inspired by tough and beautiful people and constantly exploring the edges.
 Laura Lippay painting Laura Lippay on her Philadelphia couch
Laura Lippay in her Philadelphia art studio Laura Lippay, painting the redwoods, from her Airstream in the redwoods