The Path to the Teepee. I'll take you there.

The bar in Felton is one of those christmasy-year-round, local biker joints with bras and oddities hanging off of all surfaces; Where anything can happen any night of the week, and it does.

One night I met a guy there who was new to town. He was military or government - I can't remember. Around midnight we both had the "let's go run around in the woods!" jitters (or maybe it was just me). Most people would show new neighbors around the shops or the "look what we have's" about town, but I took a stranger, from the bar, into the woods, at midnight.

If you've been to Felton, you may have been to this spot in the painting before. It's about 6 miles north of the ocean in the redwoods above Santa Cruz. It's an opening at the first intersection you come to from 4 possible directions. Two to the road just below the campgrounds, one to the teepee, and one to the Garden of Eden, a popular mountain river swimming hole.

Photo of the spot It's a familiar spot - the first landmark on the way if you're coming from the road paths. The first place to stop and make a decision. To remember how to get back to, in case you're decision was incorrect. The area opens up and lets light in with smaller trees that are always blanketed with that magical green moss juxtapozed against a reddish brown floor. You can't help but stop and notice this spot when you walk into it, even on a foggy day like this one. You might not notice the path off to the teepee though. This is it. Can you make it out? This pic is looking right at it.

It was a perfect starry night when I took that guy whose name I dont remember out into the woods in the dark to show him Felton my way. It sounds like this could be a scary story or a hook up story, but it wasnt either. We just smoked a little pot in the teepee, I walked him back to his place and walked home. 

Every time I see the pic of that spot I think about that midnight teepee tour and smile. Not because of the guy, or even that it's possible, given the situation, that I cheated death. I smile because I am particularly proud of how well I know my woods in the dark. :) 

The original painting is sold, living in a house in the area of Pennsylvania where The Office storyline takes place, but I can make you up a nice high quality print right here. xxo

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