Perspective. How do you see it?

What do you think of when you see shoes flung over a wire? 

Perspective painting. Shoes flung over a wire in front of old row buildings in London, with a yellow sky

I thought everybody thought it was drugs. But since doing this painting I've heard other people say they thought it was kids just having fun or the place where the party is at.

I painted this from an old pic I have from a London visit, for an architecture themed exhibit, and finally as I was finishing it I realized what would make it truly mine - shoes on a wire. A hint of malice. Yes. 

Now it's exciting. I was going to go with the "drugs sold here" theme and wanted to see what kind of good juicy stories or podcasts there were about this particular modern cultural practice. 

But then I saw that some people believe that shoes flung over a wire outside a window means someone died in there and their spirit is going to fill those shoes again on the way up (I may be conflating two "shoes on a wire = dead people" stories there but it's the one I want to believe so we're going with it). It works perfectly because the light is also out in the right side window. Poor guy. It looks like he had pretty jammin' orange loafers though, so I bet he had a good life.

This 20 x 24 oil on wood is for sale here, and currently hanging at The Stroudsburg Arts Council where it received Honorable Mention!

Thanks for reading :)


* I do not know why I took a picture of the corner of Commercial St and Elder St in London. I don't know what's there. You can see a very similar picture on Google Maps, now 10 years later - I used it to help me with detail. What is special about this place (or was I simply admiring the composition)?

The original pic of the corner of Commercial St and Elder St in London

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